Pick junk or trust

On the work commute yesterday i stopped, exited the car and snapped this photo to capture Rising Sun’s entrance.
My office yesterday from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Worked straight through the day.
The commute home. Pulled over and hung the camera out the window. Heading West and nearing Rising Sun.
Wild Goose Island (less than a mile away from my room) last night on the way up to Logan Pass.
Zooming in. Adventure awaits.

Pick junk or trust.


Your thoughts.

Son, picking the best thoughts available is how you scale a positive attitude.

Feed your mind the same way you feed your body- smartly, intentionally, always focused and expecing great results.

Son, yesterday i spent 11 hours working inside on a gloriously warm day.

Felt privileged to have that massive work opportunity with decent Wi-Fi.

After work, had one of the most incredible three hour time blocks in Glacier. Ever.

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