Mental surplus

Up and over Logan Pass, continuing East to St Mary, North to Many Glacier and the trail head. Photo: Wild Goose Island as we passed by. 

Grinnell Glacier trailhead, almost 8:00 AM, roughly two hours after departing Cabin 20. 

The 5.3 miles is a guide. Instead of 10.6 miles round trip, we logged 12 miles. 

One mile into it. 

About two miles in. 

Approximately 3.5 miles farther up from here to reach Grinnell Glacier viewing area. 

Live in a mental surplus or live in a mental deficit?

Which way we live is based on our choices. 

Our choices are based on our beliefs. 

Our beliefs are birthed and nurtured by our habits and rituals. 

Driving the speed limit is a signal a person is living in surplus. You always leave 10 minutes earlier than it takes to get somewhere. And the travel time-budget is based on the posted speed, not the time it takes if you speed, and get all the lucky breaks. 

Son, when your thoughts have room to “arrive early” – without rushing – the depth and breadth of your thinking expands to consider things you never have time for when you’re in a hurry. 

Always choose surplus. People spend their entire lives in deficit, hoping someday to change. 

It never happens. 

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