Escape the status quo

Rocks are everywhere in Glacier National Park. Prolific and overwhelming accurately describe Glacier’s rocks. Yes, there’s a hidden Mickey in there.

People consistently talk about getting away on vacation. 

i remember those days. 

Disney Resort Operations (hospitality in general) is a place to get away from. 

Constantly onstage. 

Even backstage, as a Leader, is onstage. 

A Disney Institute colleague left the Priesthood because he said he needed to be available 24/7.  There are many professions were we romanticize getting away. 

Son, those days are long gone for me. 

Now, like always, i’m (still) driven to abandon the status quo. 

Rather than escape something, i’m driven to go and discover and/or create something. 

Glacier is my favorite place to “work”.

Son, work is only work when you’d rather be doing something else. 

If you didn’t find it, try the first photo again. 

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