What’s missing is an attitude of defiance

Disney Conference Speakers
i launched my small entrepreneurial business while finishing the final six years of a 30 year Disney career. “Don’t quit your day job” was a great strategy.


The more i talk with people who have big dreams of breaking away from the corporate path, the clearer this reality becomes.

Self-help gurus, and how-to gurus literally prey on these people.

How do i know?

Ask anyone who’s worked diligently to follow the guru’s recipe and put all the “must haves” in place, “How’s your business going?”

Few will proclaim, “Amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams.”

The missing piece, as i see it, is an attitude of defiance.

Defying conventional wisdom and .thinking .differently

The harsh reality is you have to differentiate yourself from a sea of “pick-me’s” in order to secure your (remarkable) place in the market.

It’s in the fine print of all the guru messages…”This won’t work for most people. Proceed at your own risk.”




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