This changes everything and always has

Orlando's Best Professional Keynote Speakers


(photo: It’s always a treat to talk directly with the CEO.)

It’s embarrassing how simple these posts are.

And it’s humbling to comprehend how astonishingly correct they are too.

The way we think changes everything.

Because the way we think drives what we see.

What we see changes everything.

Negotiating with CEO’s and Meeting Planners to describe what type of Keynote Speaker they should hire at some point leads to a bottomline revelation…

Client: But how is this going to drive our financial growth and shareholder value?

MLC:  You and your team worry about getting your brand on the cover of the Wheaties box (financial). MLC will worry about you winning the Olympic Gold medal (reputation).

At the end of the day, your customers don’t care if you are a money making machine. They only care that you love them. All day. Everyday.

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