The perfect employee starts with someone who has this

How to draw Mickey Mouse
The perfect employee is an artist. Artists do things better or differently then others who offer the same thing.


(Note, remember, we are talking about perfect. Perfect is a tall order.)

The perfect employee starts with someone who has this…

The criteria for the perfect employee would begin with an amazingly positive attitude. Not in a delusional way, but in a way that doesn’t accept obstacles or challenges as permanent. They see everything as an opportunity or a challenge, and never as a “problem”.

The perfect employee would also be a model of physical wellness. Someone who regularly exercises, eats well, rests well, and is a wellspring of energy and enthusiasm.

The perfect employee would have an unbreakable spiritual belief. What they choose is irrelevant. But whatever it is, it is the epicenter of their emotional wellbeing. They radiate good, decent, and noble thoughts and actions. They live to serve others.

The perfect employee is an inspirational leader who has mastered the technical, managerial, and behavioral aspects of their domain. They balance employee, customer, and business as if the three were only one. Not only are they an expert, they are also a game changer, a category of one.

The perfect employee is exceptionally organized, focused, and disciplined. They are intentional with all they do. Their home is a haven for peace, order, and purpose. They have space in their schedule to plan for, and handle, life’s unexpected challenges.




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