What is the coolest thing we can do to be true to ourselves?

Disney's Soarin'
Some planes people remain grounded an entire lifetime


What is the coolest thing we can do to be true to ourselves?

An uncommon question and unlikely we have a ready answer. But what if we did?

Why are so few of us are able to pull ourselves out of our deeply worn ruts. Ruts that began long ago as ‘finding our groove’.

Do only the luckiest of mid-lifers have role models who encourage them?

Do only the luckiest have role models who have blazed a trail as a decent example?

The rest of us, well, do we still have time to become a trail blazer?

Do we even think it’s worth it at this stage in life?

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  1. Patty, knowing is not enough. Most people know the obvious, common sense stuff.

    It’s the hard work, focus, and discipline that thins the pack.

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