Upsides have downsides and vice versa

Apple Notes writing app
Created documents in Apple’s Notes app so i could write in Glacier Park.


There’s an inherent risk in trying anything new.

There’s also opportunity for a breakthrough as well.

What’s our risk tolerance, if we were brutally honest?

The upside to being able to write without an internet connection is the fact that you can do it from anywhere using just an iPhone.

The downside is the price you pay when you return to civilization and all the catching up required to go from analog to cyberspace.

It’s taken three days to adjust from doing things differently last week in Montana.



To the point of wondering if it was/is worth it.

But traveling without a laptop last week was a huge first. Not to mention no cellular signal except at Glacier’s eastern entrance – nowhere in the 1,000,000 acre park, and no ATT in West Glacier.

Digital withdrawal?


With an upcoming trip to France (leaving in 20 days), the Glacier experiment has boosted my confidence.

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