Regret sucks

College track
Regardless of the fences, i was determined to find a way onto the track.


Lane 8 on college track
Lane 8 is my metaphor for life.


Regret sucks.

So don’t have any.

Then you’ll be good to go.

Ha, if it were only that easy.

Now enter entrepreneurial spirit.

The coolest and scariest thing at the same time?

There are no rules for how work gets done.

Had always wondered what it would be like to be my own boss.

Not anymore.

Regret: 0

Me: 1

PS. Lane 8’s metaphor for life is this: Lane 8 is the worst lane – the slowest runner is assigned lane 8. But the worst lane could be amazing, even if you came in last. Last in the finals of the Olympics. Think about it, you either see it as “last” or 8th best in the entire world. Perspective is everything.

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