Can you always make a positive reaction your only reaction?

Disney Keynote Speaker
Every day we need to work on our attitude. Keep climbing and be prepared for obstacles, and, breath-taking views.


Sure, it’s worth a lot to your client, but what’s it worth to you?

Status quo is easy to recognize.

It’s the way things are done.


No surprises.

It’s what happens when a professional does her job, meets industry standards, and keeps your company’s promise.

But where is the surprise and delight?

You know, the wow-factor.

Extra effort is compelling, and sadly, rare.

It’s only when she rises up and offers more than anyone expects – only then can Magic happen.

The same with your attitude yesterday, today and tomorrow.

To remain positive when normal is the ability to flow in and out of positive and negative, as extraneous daily conditions warrant.

All i’m asking you to consider is this – can you change this belief?

Can you always make a positive reaction your only reaction?


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