Dear Son

You know the saying, “What a day”?

Yesterday. What a day. So amazing. Here’s the story in pictures…


Many Glacier Hotel
Breakfast required a 45-minute drive. Decent view.


Many Glacier Hotel
Howard reminded me of a Disney Cast Member…assertively friendly.


Many Glacier Hotel
Brand new staircase…back to the way it was when originally built in 1914.


Many Glacier Hotel
The fireplace is unique and awesome.


Many Glacier Hotel
The 8:30am shuttle departing. Ours launched at 9:00am.


Many Glacier Hotel
We will take the same route.


Many Glacier Hotel
We had a few extra minutes to walk around before boarding.


Many Glacier Hotel
All 49 tickets were sold for this cruise.


Many Glacier Hotel
Many Glacier Hotel from Swiftcurrent Lake.


Many Glacier Hotel
A “we were here” photo.


Many Glacier Hotel
Second boat shuttle on Lake Josephine. A 400-meter walk between lakes.


Many Glacier Hotel
Disembarking at the North end (up ahead) of Lake Josephine. Then the climb to Grinnell Glacier begins.


Surprised Howard with the boat shuttles which cut four miles off our foot travel.

Almost walked into a Big Horn Ram.

Saw two pieces of Glacier break off into the lake. The craCk sounded like thunder.

Saw a big Grizzly (through binoculars) and watched two groups of hikers come within feet of a bear encounter.

It was cool to see how uninterested the giant bear was in the humans.

Saw a Moose and her calf.

Literally a perfect day.

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