The paradox of being inquisitive

Disney University
Yesterday at Disney University.


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While riding a bicycle to Disney, this thought came. At today, you’ll see the polished version from more time to think about it.


Disney University speaker jeff noel
Photo-bombing (Walt’s shoulder) myself at DU yesterday. Having fun at work is a personal responsibility.


Our questions proclaim (whether we want them to or not) what we value.

Shallow questions, for example, reveal a shallow mindset. Begging the question, “Why so shallow?”

Deep, thought-provoking (often painful) questions, for example, reveal our mindset too, and invite the question, “Why so much thought and focus?”

It doesn’t matter which we gravitate too, what’s undeniable is how our questions speak to our values, our hopes, and ultimately, to our intentionality in achieving peace and contentment


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