Mr. Disney, just what do you do?

Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker
This isn’t a big deal at Disney. Why? Because this type of story is happening all day, every day. To an outsider it sounds like a special incident. To our Cast, it’s simply business as usual. can you comprehend that happening in your organization?


Imagine a child asking a 57-year old Walt Disney, “Mr. Disney, just what do you do?”

Walt would respond that he no longer drew cartoons, nor came up with the ideas. He would add that he’s actually more like a bumble bee, going around from place to place in the organization and sort of pollinating everything.

So, Mr. jeff, just what to you do?

Wanted to share with you that the organizational blueprints i always speak of make up the core content of my business. My purpose is to do speeches and advising for people and organizations who want to change the world.

i’ve deconstructed, and then reconstructed, Disney’s DNA. From 30 years of living it and teaching it, i’ve found powerfully simplistic ways to enable any employee at any level to use the content for all five core topics. Equally, any company in any industry can use it as well.

What i was driving at all along (and sorry, it’s challenging when it’s just words on a screen) was to illustrate that the Purple Balloon story is a great Customer Service story, yet it’s simply business as usual at Disney. i think many readers miss the point that it’s the culture and it happens all day, every day. And that it is the result of deeply intentional structure and process, blueprints if you will.


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