In the blink of an eye?

Yesterday (Sunday) morning was quiet and peaceful until we heard the Mockingbird’s screeching. A rare sighting of a Swallow-Tailed Kite as it attempted to rob the Mockingbird’s nest of it’s contents.

The iPhone captured the photo as they flew overhead…almost looks like the Mockingbird is riding on it’s wing.

Nature is lovely and brutal in the same breath.


Swallow Tail Kite and Mockingbird confrontation
Swallow Tail Kite and Mockingbird confrontation yesterday.


Dear Son, reflecting on a Kentucky Derby party conversation only 36 hours old. With Bob, a Vietnam veteran. He’s on disability from Agent Orange. Just like our neighbor across the street.

Anyway, it started as an exceptionally casual, “How have you been? Please tell me your name again.”

It was a deep, dark, and sobering conversation in which i was mostly a listener.

It was a great reminder for what can happen to children who grow up to be adults. Hell can overrun a person’s life and rob them of hope.

When robbed of hope, drugs, alcohol, sex, crime, and other full-time evils overtake the person’s soul. Big time.

Hell is real.

The good news?

So is Heaven.

Expose children to both. Prepare them well. Really, really well.

Happy 15th birthday Chapin (been thinking about this for at least 100 days).

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