Dear Son, passing the trust torch to you

The landscape contractor has a history of showing up as promised only 50% of the time. So no, i do not trust he’ll be here March 29 or 30. i hope so, but i cannot trust it.

Dear Son, passing the trust-torch to you.

Two nights ago when i said i trust you to self-monitor your nightly hour of video games – and that you will face temptation when parental oversight lessens…remember?

From the time you began to talk as a one-year-old we have prioritized trust as the number one relationship asset.

What hit me as i was falling asleep was this:

You must have a powerfully trusting relationship with yourself.

As you mature and approach 18, you will be in charge of your choices.

Choices, my Son, are everything.

Trust yourself to make great choices.

Trust yourself to learn from poor choices.

And remember that a poor choice can simply be to not make one because of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

You must trust yourself more than anyone else in the world.

Note: Risks for personal growth are healthy. Risks for pleasure are unhealthy. Self-control follows trust and personal responsibility.

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