Comfort Or Fuel For Our Mind?

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Sugar is one of two things: colorful and fun, or, invisibly inserted as one of our food’s top ingredients (high fructose corn syrup).


This was initially a tough subject to write about. Glad i had the courage to address my issue.

Comfort or fuel for our mind?

Last night our son and i were talking about eliminating sugar from my life.

i said Americans grow up on sugar, making a lifetime habit challenging to kick.

And why shouldn’t we consume sugar, everyone else is doing it, so it can’t be all that bad.


If we saw sugar as fuel, and if it was great fuel, then consuming it makes sense.

But it’s not great fuel.

It’s a drug.

Sugar is the new smoking.

Everyone turns their head to the addiction and serious health consequences.

Shifting gears here…

Do you see your thoughts as fuel or as comfort?

Positive thoughts are fuel.

Pessimistic thoughts are addictive drugs – to comfort us when we believe life isn’t fair.


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