Classic rethinking, reprioritizing and recommitting

delivering food for families
Yesterday 8:00am, Thanksgiving Day 2017, at Ocoee High School.


delivering food for families
Volunteers line up to have their vehicles loaded with boxes of food.


delivering food for families
Driving directions are printed up – one page for each Family. We received eight pages.


What began as a yet-to-be Father’s vision to do something to give back to those less fortunate – as a Family (with children) – has continued for 18 years.

Cheryl was not yet pregnant with our Son when we first volunteered on Thanksgiving 1999.

Miraculously – and at the time we didn’t know – Cheryl was pregnant when we returned a month later for Christmas Day deliveries.

And even on Easter 2000, we were still four months away from our Son’s birth.

The odds of us doing this three times a year, for 18 consecutive years, was a long-shot at best.

Something about serving less fortunate neighbors on days when American tradition has us focus on our own Families – this felt like something worth starting.

As we struggled to become parents from 1992 – 2000, we began shedding things that no longer served us.

Classic rethinking, reprioritizing and recommitting.

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