Good answers are a leading cause of work life imbalance

Leadership development flip chart notes
These are answers – the questions the audience had never asked before


Good answers to questions are toxic. Why?

Because odds are our questions are poor. Yes, in the big picture, probably poor.

We think, we move, we feel, we work, we dwell – life’s five big choices.

Mind – Body – Spirit – Work – Home

The interconnectedness is undeniable.

Spending our energy equally – tending to all five – is balance.

Neglect just one, and it doesn’t matter which, the other four suffer harmful decline.

The few who ask and answer “Why?” are the people you see thriving – the ones who probably don’t look or act their age.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Sometimes I feel very guilty about not acting my age. And then I wonder just how am I suppose to act? After all this is me and I’ve never been this age before.

  2. Try to abandon guilt if it is something that interferes with your joy. At every age we ought to be applying joy to every hardship and challenge that comes our way – and they do seem to reach higher levels of never-saw-that-coming.

  3. Patty,

    This isn’t meant to sound callous about others. But if you know your joy is genuine, then if someone is misunderstanding it (or worse, ridiculing it), then who has a problem? Sometimes those who appear to misunderstand it or ridicule it are often the ones who actually desire what you have and can’t find it. So out of unmet desire for what you have, they deride it (the ol’ “If I can’t be happy, why should anyone else be?” idea).

    Stand firm and move forward! As Kathy Troccoli sang, “Go light your world.”


  4. Bob, a wise teacher once taught that the world will always have ‘the poor’. This is not just financial, but also spiritual. So yes, let our light shine. Let us forgive. Let us turn the other cheek. And let us not allow the devil to tempt us with the distraction of doubt.

  5. Great point! Be the best “you” that you can be and not get caught up in the distractions. Have a great day, Jeff and Patty!

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