Blindsided by midlife?


Viewing life with tunnel vision?


Walkway over Florida Turnpike
Walkway over Florida Turnpike.
Florida Turnpike from overpass walkway.
Florida Turnpike from overpass walkway. From a run two days ago.


Blindsided by midlife?

One of Mid Life Celebration’s biggest advocates shared a copy of the book with a small business owner. The business owner is a very busy person (like the rest of us).

His comment was (paraphrased here): “The author doesn’t live in the real world.”

First thought?

What world does he think the author lives in?

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  1. Jeff,

    I had to laugh when I first read this. That was my first thought (you asked). My second one, which was an outflowing of the laughter was this: people like that feel they are the only ones with stressors in their lives. And because they struggle to deal with it proactively, no one else has a “real-world” experience like they do. Stressors aren’t necessarily a choice (unless you create stress for yourself), but how you deal with them is a choice. That’s why your book works…same stressors of life, but a new perspective than being propagated by the herd.

    That business owner will not get it until he sees that.


  2. Bob, bottomline, i am praying for him. Praying that whatever is supposed to happen in his life goes better than he could have ever imagined.

  3. Absolutely! But also praying that he sees it for the blessing it could be!

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