Balance is not a myth, contrary to all the BS saying it is

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Balance is not a myth, contrary to all the BS saying it is.

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Life has five big choices.

Five short, pithy posts are written here every day.

That’s right. Every. Damn. Day.

Since April Fool’s Day 2009.

9k posts so far.

And a book since Thanksgiving.

If you are serious about about change, then get serious about it.

We can fool just about everyone.

But we can’t fool ourselves.

If you’ve never been a regular reader here, what would happen if you tried it for a week?

A year from now you’ll wish you would have started today.

Don’t believe it?

What’s your other next best plan?

The one that didn’t work last year, and the one that didn’t work the year before that?

Our struggles are overcome one single day at a time.

Been there done that, continuing to do it.

World class overcomer.

Pulling for you.

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