What’s our biggest promise to ourselves that we’re still sitting on?

Sunset from delta flight 1669 arriving Orlando 8:47pm
Cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon…


What’s our biggest promise to ourselves that we’re still sitting on?

Maybe this will encourage you.

Maybe it will scare you.

Maybe it will turn you away right now…

So sure I would never write the story I promised to write 30 years prior, I began anyway on April Fool’s day 2009.

It was to last 100 days.

That was 1,466 days ago.

An unassuming streak began.




Yesterday – April 5, 2013 – the streak ended at 1,464 consecutive days.

So exhausted but so sure once home from a week long trip, that I’d sneak in time from Family to write the five daily blogs.

Instead, like the line from Harry Chapin’s song, “Can you teach me to throw, I said not today, I got a lot to do…”

Chapin asked me to play his favorite card game.

It was 10pm. The game is complex. I’m not very good.

I hadn’t seen him in 100 hours.

We played. For 40 minutes.

Then we went to bed.

The unheralded (and yet astonishing) streak came to an end.

If you’ve made it this far, may today be a day like you haven’t had in a long time.

A day in which you find yourself yearning – more than you can ever recall – to begin anew.

To brush off that long ago abandoned dream of yours, and cuddle it gently, and whisper, “I’ve missed you. Will you forgive me? Can we try this one more time, together?”

It nourishes our soul and focuses our life.

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  1. Jeff, I know for me it is not about your writing each day but about the posting each day. Write two today and take tomorrow off, as long as I have a fresh one with my coffee in the morning my day has started great. No pressure 🙂 keeping a grateful woman in Indiana smiling. Also I never let you know how much I appreciate the early morning posting. No matter what time I get up it is there and waiting. Appreciate that little attention to detail.

  2. Jeff, even though we do indeed love you and your writings each day, the GREATER thing is that you don’t ever put this writing before your family! I applaud you for playing with your precious son — of course, he is your priority forever and always.

    And what a relief that grace allows us to begin anew! Breathe….

  3. Donna, thank you for noticing the little detail(s).

    The notion of taking a day off is foreign.

    Won’t go into details, but so much more was discovered than ever imagined when I began writing – and then God’s grace and providence reigned down when I didn’t stop after reaching the 100-day goal.

  4. Natalie, Family is our most precious asset. Everyone knows this instinctively.

    Yet we believe we must provide, protect, enhance, whatever it is – and we neglect the very thing we so desperately love.

    Writing has helped clarify convictions and needs, and helped in the recognition of joy and gratitude (and forgiveness) in everything, everyday.

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