The bridge between where you want to be and where you are now is

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WordPress Wordcamp Orlando 2013 registration desk


This is sorta like a math challenge, but different.

The bridge between where we want to be and where we are now is what we are doing today, this week and next.

It revolves around second chances.

But, there are hurdles…. excuses, regrets.

And sunshine… hope, opportunity.

And a catch (theres always a catch isn’t there?)… permission.

And sometimes, if we’re lucky, a bonus…. a wake up call.

And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… balance.

It’s a bridge not many of us pursue… second chances.

Wisdom is when we no longer wait for permission because we are now (finally) crystal clear who grants it.

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  1. Where I want to be? Funny question… After a trip to your hometown, there is no place I would rather be but back, behind the magic. Producing magic. Must constantly remind myself Disney is every where and anywhere we create it. Even in the frozen Northeast. Heading off to work. Putting my best Disney foot forward.

  2. Patty, in your statement, you confessed a truth. Disney is everywhere and anywhere we create it.

    Until your zip code changes, think of yourself as working remotely (off-site).

    Technically, I have no physical office there. Been working remotely (from home) for two years.

    And spending six days this week at Disney’s Contemporary Resort with field trips to all four Disney Theme Parks.

    Blessed beyond measure.

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