So I Hit Delete

Genuine Replica
Genuine Replica

How was getting out of bed for you this Monday morning? Is it possible to be at a place in life where you can’t wait for your alarm to go off each morning?

Know what’s crazy? We can organize many things in life so that this is possible. Sure it’s work, but so is feeling lousy.

Besides being the new currency, really, what is authenticity?

Can you define it? Do you have it? Abundantly? Do you care?

It hit me last week in a very nice email invitation to “change my life, in 3 easy steps”. Reading the message, it sounded freakishly like something I might write.

And then the epiphany – I have no clue who this guy is.

There has been no trail of authenticity with him.

No trust.

So I hit delete.

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  1. Really? Dismissed out of hand with the delete key? Strangers are friends we haven’t met. Who we haven’t had the opportunity to authenticate their personal credit card.

  2. Patty, what isn’t in the message is that this Doctor’s emails come several times a month, and not once do I recall seeing him as a real person, a friend.

    Every message is about him selling something.

    Even if the product is beneficial, the only message I hear is, “Buy this from me”.

    People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

    It’s status quo. Which has little appeal here.

    Does that help make it a little clearer?

  3. Good. And thank you for questioning me.

    Love your courage to challenge.

    It builds people up, making them stronger, while most think of confrontation as a negative.

    Have an AWESOME day!

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