Midlife Is An Incredible Blessing: To Show The World Life Is Awesome

Boomer Fantasy Land?

To whom much has been given, much will be required. We Boomers allow ourselves to use selective memory. We rewire our midlife mindset for the pursuit of ease, comfort, and pleasure.

Truth is, life ain’t easy. And Baby Boomers have the distinct responsibility, like every generation before them and all that will follow, to leave a great legacy of positive, servant leadership.

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  1. Jeff – you have hit my target with this one. I agree. The legacy is the lasting impact of positive, servant leadership. Rarely do you hear anyone positively described at the end of their lives as, “One of the best, self-centered, power-hungry egomaniacs to live.” But you do hear stories of those who gave of themselves about how they have served others, sometimes even at the cost of their own lives. Granted, once your earthly body gets traded in for a new body, you may not have a need to hear what was said at your own funeral. But if you have an eternal perspective, a legacy of servanthood follows you!

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