Make sense now?

Editor’s note: Today’s five posts will benefit from increased context.

First, we agree that social media is diverse and a universally accepted form of expression.

Second, the rules for personal and professional social media participation are both clear and cloudy.

Basically interpreted as, “Do not embarrass yourself or your company. Use good judgement.”

The only one at risk of being embarrassed today is me, even though extraordinarily good judgement is being used:

Think of good judgement this way: If your Grandmother and your Pastor were having dinner in your home and you asked them to read some of your posts before dinner, would they be offended?

So yeah, good judgement, this one’s for you.


Pink and white beach chairs


Have decided to continue writing five daily, differently-themed blogs about life’s big choices.

(reached the five year anniversary a few days ago – would have been ridiculously easy to stop)

And never once have regurgitated previous content.

Not once.

(this is a big deal btw)




Different is art. Having guts is art. Doing what we say we’re gonna do is art.

Make sense now?

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Note: There is some content that is key, repeatable, and simple – and it is not regurgitation, but imprinting. Big dif.

Live like you mean it!

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