Willing to stand alone?

Columbian Ground Squirrel at Logan Pass


(photo: This Columbian Ground Squirrel at Logan Pass has a big job – get as fat as it can for Winter)

We think, we move, we feel, we earn, and we dwell.

  1. Mind – think
  2. Body – move
  3. Spirit – feel
  4. Money – earn
  5. HQ – dwell


Here at Midlife Celebration we talk about our thoughts, you know, our attitude. The degree to which we rise or fall here will have a direct and proportional ripple effect through the four others.

What are we willing to commit to, bleed for, stand alone for, make a ruckus about, and generally be unreasonable about?

Because that’s what’s going to fuel our purpose and ensure we are an example instead of a warning in life.

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