Who doesn’t like crazy?

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Clarity is not always easy.


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Clarity often comes after an extended wait. It was about six years before .think .differently came to me as a brand differentiator.


The beautiful truth about being an entrepreneur and interfacing with other entrepreneurs is that there’s no perfect, one way to do things.

There are thousands of recipes for success, tips, tricks, hacks, etc. Much of it is free.

At the end of the day you must ask and answer one simple question:

What do you want to be that is different from the rest?

Be the best in your category?

Become the category?

If you wish to be different you must remember that this will frustrate people who expect some semblance of normalcy.

My friend couldn’t find my blog at my speaker site.

Here’s my reply to her email where she asked, “Do you have a blog?”

The posts often contain useful business info, but i am not writing for an audience. i thought that was the point (gain followers) before i began writing, but i eventually came to realize that i was the one who needed changing and improvement, not others. It’s analogous to posting gym workouts. No one really cares what you do. But you must do the work because it’s critical and because it makes you healthier.

i intentionally do not promote my blogs.

Crazy, i know.

i like crazy.

i think it’s rare, and valuable.

PS. Lower case i’s are intentional. A reminder in humility. i am small. A servant. It’s easy to forget. And once we forget, it’s hard to regain.




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