What is this blog about? You!

First, I’d like to thank you for taking your valuable time to visit and read this.  You may find as content is added and this blog grows with additional features, you’ll have an invaluable resource to help you, or those you care about, reprioritize life.

Second, if you continue to read and return to this site, you should know one thing in particular – I believe that I am personally responsible for my life.  Everything in my life is my responsibility.  Everything.   I also believe this is self-evident, but most don’t realize it until they are on their death-bed.   And, you should know that this is true with you.  Period.  Any other way of thinking starts to smell of “excuse addiction”, to me.  You should know that I’m very familiar with the daily temptation to make excuses.  I’ve lived with that temptation all my life.  In fact, I was tempted not to create this blog.  Tempted not to try and help others.  Tempted not to help myself.  Tempted not to have courage.  Tempted to worry about how I’ll be perceived.  And the list goes on and on.

So here’s what you should expect:  1.  Hope and inspiration.  2.  Practical tips.  3.  The discovery, or reminder, of life’s simple truths – that our actions have inevitable (and fairly predictable) consequences.   4.  That the impossible is possible – it just may look different than the way you currently see things.  5.  And one more thing to expect –  expect to feel uncomfortable, maybe even angry, or, incredibly hopeful, for calling you and your habits into question.  The clock IS ticking. 

What would you do if you only had six months to live“?  The age-old question that we all contemplate, but few rarely act upon.  Tim McGraw, the famous country singer, has a song entitled, “Live Like You Were Dying”.   What if you really started to make small, and simple, changes to your life?  Things that may pay off today, next week, or not for another 10-20 years.

We all need to “kick our own butts”.  Do you want to wait for a wake-up call?  Do you want to be remembered as a hypocrite?  Are you honestly doing the right things for the right reasons?  Will your life be held up as a great example or a terrible warning?

I’ll never ask you, or suggest something to you, that I haven’t already done myself.  Fair enough?  See you soon.  Well wait.  Probably not.  You know why?  Because most people are afraid to change.  I’m not and I sincerely hope that you are not.  Carpe diem, jeff

By jeff noel

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