Lunch at MOMS

Melts on Main Street Winter Garden
We both had the Fancy Pig at MOMS; “Melts On Main Street”.


Melts on Main Street Winter Garden
Main Street Winter Garden, near Plant Street.


Melts on Main Street Winter Garden
Last night was the annual Christmas Tree lighting on Plant Street.We sat outside, middle left are two sidewalk tables.


Lunch in a small town, on a breezy and sunny Florida afternoon. We ate. We talked. i just wanted to personally have some face to face time to say how grateful i am for her support. Joyce has done Mid Life Celebration, LLC’s taxes for four of it’s six years. And it took six years to make the first dime, and it took seven to make a profit.

Not many last seven years to see this finally happen.

On a side note, it will take two more years to pay off the debt incurred.




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