Living like you mean it

Women's Olympic 400 Meter hurdles final
Women’s Olympic 400 Meter hurdles final – no American has ever won this event before.


Women's Olympic 400 Meter hurdles final
Women’s Olympic 400 Meter hurdles final last night. Just prior to Usain Bolt’s 200 meter victory.


Living like you mean it. Yeah, sure looks good on paper.

Woke up at 4:00am (75 minutes ago) feeling groggy. Tempted to hit snooze. i’m literally never tempted to hit snooze. Back in the day (Disney Resort Operations), i used to do it every morning – for 15 years.

Moving to Disney Institute in 1999, i no longer worked crazy shifts and started having regular sleep cycles. The snooze button became irrelevant because i focused on a regular bed time and an eight-hour a night sleep target.

Staying up until 10pm-ish to watch Olympic Track & Field finals and getting up to be at High School Cross Country practice by 5:50am has led to a short-term sleep disruption.

And i am reminded that my incentive for doing this is i am watching these Olympics as my last Olympics.

i may live long enough to watch the 2020 Olympics, but i am not planning on it.




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