It is done.

Disney coffee cup
Fitting to have the first post on the final day be written at Walt Disney World (completely unplanned)


It is done.

This is the final post to complete five straight years – 1,826 days to be exact.

Too busy to run this morning, or write.

Now, mid morning, sitting at Starbucks in Epcot, writing this.

Humble beginnings five years ago.

Humble endings now with each iPhone keyboard click.

And tomorrow, what’s next?

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  1. Jeff,

    Time does fly when you are having fun! Five years went by quickly. Congratulations!


  2. Bob, we are each five years older than when this began.

    Wow, how’d we get five years older in the blink of an eye?

  3. Congratulations Jeff! Looking forward to the journey along with you for the next five years and beyond.

  4. Congratulations just isn’t the right word. Is it Bravo? No. Why can’t I think of the right words right now. Pausing, reflecting and then it came to me. THANK YOU! Those are the words I was looking for.

  5. Thanks Brian. Appreciate you being part of this community of dreamers and thrivers.

    Not sure if you know it was only supposed to last 100 days. And that was an improbability at best.

  6. Donna, you are welcome.

    And right back at cha with the THANK YOU.

    There’s been a subtle shift in growth and you’ll start seeing it unfold.

    One of the beauties (and fears) of a journey is the unknown.

    The farther we go, the more that becomes known.

    It’s an incredible reward for staying the course.

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