If we’re lucky, a wakeup call will bring us to our knees

Teddy bear in starting blocks
Finland 2009.


Teddy Bear at Track meet starting line
This Teddy Bear has been traveling for a decade. Ski jumping is big in Finland.


The things my child needs to know, it’s my responsibility to teach it to him. But i get busy with a career and putting out life’s fires.

i was lucky, a wakeup call brought me to my knees.

Sounds cliche, but finally i started listening to my heart.

Disney (30 years worth) taught me the profound power in intentionality. About over managing things others under manage or ignore.

Life taught me the profound power of regret. And that regret breeds prolifically from excuses.

The marriage of those two – excuses and regret – produced my first book. It was written for a little boy (who turned 15 yesterday) in case something bad ever happened to his dad.

If i could give free copies to anyone wanting it, i would.

Not interested (anymore) in making money from this book. In fact, the proceeds are so small, it’s not worth the effort to compete for people’s precious attention.

But for reasons that readers share with me, i want as many people as possible to have a copy.

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