Disney’s modified authenticity

Great escapes
Can we architect a life that doesn’t require escaping? Absolutely.


Forced perspective and guiding the guest experience are two ways we modify our Guests’ experience to significantly enhance their vacation.

On Main Street USA for example, we make a two-story building look like a three-story building.


The first floor is 7/8 scale. Second floor, 5/8 scale, and third is 3/8 scale.

We have the perception of a tree-lined street on Main Street. In reality the Live Oaks (100′ wide and 60′ tall full grown) are trimmed like giant bonsai trees – so they never block the view of Cinderella Castle.

There were no concrete main streets in 1901 (the time period Main Street reflects), but with the addition of the trolly car rails you never like about concrete (and how “fake” the setting is).


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