Correcting Word Press calendar post tallies

blog calendar
Word Press calendar. Every month should have a minimum number that matches the number of days in a month.


blog calendar
Word Press calendar.


Writing 200+- blog posts the past 48 hours has been taxing.

But i’ve been motivated to correct a flaw.

The flaw is in the Word Press monthly calendar post tallies.

About 18 months after i began writing five daily, differently-themed posts, i decided to go back and review everything i wrote and did one of three things:

  1. Left the post untouched
  2. Revised the post to remove any sound of Disney or Disney Institute “official voice”
  3. Deleted the post

This was an over-focusing on a worst-case scenario.

Worst case is someone over-reacting to something you made public.

Important to remember in 2008-2011+ blogging was literally the new “wild frontier” – uncharted wilderness.

In the absence of an official Disney and Disney Institute social media policy, everything was up for subjective review.

Subjective is not the way to measure.

By over-focusing, i slept well at night.

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