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florida living
Thursday morning after runner’s club my iPhone cover was destroyed. A short while later, Apple had me back like new.


florida living
Saturday morning runner’s club at Red Dirt Road, Clermont, Florida..


florida living
A few miles south, after-run slushies at a classic Florida road-side tourist trap..


florida living
Second from bottom. Short ride home..


florida living
Johns Hopkins recruiter on a Saturday.


florida living
Sure it was Saturday, but it was only 3-miles away. Approximately 5,300 undergraduates. A little too large for our target size. The other numbers are really nice.


florida living
Cool down dip after 25k roundtrip bike ride to breakfast.


florida living
We visited as a last minute request – our schedule had margin.


What did you feel that past 72 hours?

What did you learn about yourself and your family during that weekend?


You’ll remember it for a long time.

It was really cool to see you driving for the first time.

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