Astonishingly only 25 from 3k

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Walt Disney…you know he had to be thinking, “What if this doesn’t work?”


Would you mind if i took a break from questions today?

Wait, that was a question.


Humans, it seems to me based on 58 years of personal experience, are programmed to look for shortcuts in life – to opt for easier rather than harder.

This morning i’ve been randomly inspired to reflect on how many days in a row – without missing a day.

Turns out, the hunch was correct, i am almost to 3,000 consecutive days.

In exactly 25 days, on June 17.

Three-thousand days.

Here’s the thing, and why this is important to note, just prior to starting this journey, my previous consecutive-days record was two.

Two days in a row.

•  •  •  •  •

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