Crazy Means Different Things To Different People

Crazy means different things to different people. What one defines as crazy, to another is simply business as usual. Yesterday was a major milestone for some people – their first (and probably last) marathon.

For others, it was a Sunday morning and an opportunity for a routine visit to a Disney Park – father, son, son’s friend…here’s how it played out. (each photo has a caption)

Driving through town to visit Epcot for a few hours.
January 8, 2012 approx 9:30am. The Disney full Marathon began at 5:30am
We watched some of the finish (4:22 - 4:40 finishing times)
Approximately 16k+ runners earned this yesterday (Jan. 8, 2012)
He carried our Flag 26.2 miles.
Very last runner at mile 25, French pavilion Epcot World Showcase, 2pm Jan. 8

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