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Disney Leadership Podcast
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Note (updated today, Feb 12, 2019, as this goes live): Podcast released January 25, 2019, but quickly discovered the learning curve is steeper than imagined.

Because of this, i’ve decided to keep quiet about it until enough episodes are published to feel confident in inviting others to try it.

For now, think of what’s public as “private, insiders-only previews”. At Disney, this first of three launch stages is called “Cast Previews”. If you check it out,  you will be part of Cast Previews. It’s on iTunes and Stitcher. Search with my name or the podcast name.

Ok, back to what was written two months ago…

Q. Have you thought through what you want the first few episodes to be?

A. Will flush this out asap (hopefully tomorrow’s blog posts)….

(Note: today is yesterday’s tomorrow, so here goes…also note…this is the skeleton…elaboration may or may not happen in print here)

What a listener can expect – tough love. rethink, reprioritize, recommit: How Disney Changed my life.

Long-term listener value – transformational freedom and personal vibrancy.

Open to any and all feedback.

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