Rethink Would Your Life Change?

Here’s What’s Horrible

Tell These Guys To Slow Down?
Tell These Guys To Slow Down?

It’s not horrible getting old, because you gain wisdom.

It’s horrible getting old, because you lose your youth.

Unless you watched yesterday’s Mid Life Celebration video post.

Would Your Life Change?


We all are faced with decisions.

Some are daily. Some weekly. Some monthly. Some annually.

Some only come once in a lifetime.

And these decisions never go away. There is no place to hide.

Good thing if you ask me. Who would want to hide? It’s so exciting, to have the privilege of living.

What are some of the once-in-a-lifetime decisions you’ve made that have made all the difference for you?

Turning 51 next week which is cause for reflection…

And yesterday I stumbled upon this You Tube video from last year’s Master’s Track & Field World Championships, which were held in Lahti, Finland.

Plenty of reasons to NOT celebrate midlife, right? Well, here, you’ll only find reasons TO celebrate. Plus, a funky and mesmerizing Suomi (Finland) groove.

Would Your Life Change?

Midlife Cancer Myths


What would happen to us if each day, we read, did, taught or experienced something that made us a little bit better?

Free resources are readily available.

Time is not, however.

To save you some time, here’s an Everyday Health article about midlife cancer myths.

This Is Just For Me Would Your Life Change?

Mid Life Workaholics

“Workaholics commit slow suicide by refusing to allow the child inside them to play”. Dr. Lawrence Susser

Recognizing the intense desire to do a good job, many people still have a challenging time overcoming mid life work addiction.

My Grandfather worked full-time, plus he ran a TV repair business out of his basement.  This was back in the day when Televisions were heavy and huge.  He had to travel to people’s homes.  This traveling and the work required to repair TV’s in the basement, plus the travel to return the TV, must have made his work commitment enormous.

My Dad worked 5 1/2 days every single week at the Paper Mill.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, he taught 30-minute drum lessons in our living room – from 4pm until 8pm.  On Friday and Saturday nights, he played drums in a band – weddings, anniversaries, clubs, etc.

Now it’s my turn. Working at a Fortune 100 Company, there is no shortage of work to be done. And I’ve done it willingly for several decades.  Now, I’m also working on my retirement business – to help raise enough money to find a cure for our son’s Crohn’s disease.

The difference, I perceive, is that I have found creative ways to be part of our son’s life.  But only after I squandered the first four decades of my life.

Would Your Life Change?

Mid-Life is the Same Here

Mid-Life Crisis happens in Finland.

How do I know? I asked many Finns this week. They told me.

In preparing for the future, how far should one look?

It is wise to look further out than tomorrow, next week, next month, or later this year.

What about next year, in two years, five, ten, 15 years and more?

It is also wise to be pay attention in four simple categories.

Being in Finland this past week, has reminded me of the extraordinary effort many of the World’s Master’s athletes invest to enjoy Track & Field athletics.

Like a lot of life, it’s easier if we learn these things when we are younger. And yet, at middle-age, we get a second opportunity to rethink, re-prioritize, recommit.

People struggle with this all over the world. We Americans are no different. Neither are the Finns.

I need to get some sleep. Big time. Will have to finish this later….

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