First world privilege to write what i want

WPS Senior trip
WPS Senior trip
WPS Senior trip
WPS Senior trip
WPS Senior trip
WPS Senior trip

November 11, 2018.

Happy present moment.

Taking a risk.

Something is saying, “just do it”.

Like TV shows recorded before a live audience but aired later, i write 5 daily, differently-themed blog posts in real time and post them 2 months later…

The daily writing ideas include the things you probably think about every morning…

1. What i learned yesterday.

2. What i get to do today.

3. What i hope for tomorrow.

When i wrote the daily 5 posts on Sept 11, never could have predicted the timing of our Son landing in London 2 hours ago (Nov 11, the day i wrote these) and the messages in these posts.

Absolutely random.

On the five daisy-chained websites, there’s no way to leave comments, no way to share, and no email subscription option.

Not looking to create social proof, validate my self-image, or grow a business.

It began innocently as a 100-day self-imposed writer’s boot camp to prepare for writing my first book.

And it started on April Fools Day 2009.

Thought i was a fool to think i could write 500 posts in 100 consecutive days.

(my previous record was two consecutive days)

It was doomed to fail.

Enter a miracle.

After nearly 3,500 consecutive days, i still write to leave a trail for our Son.

3,500 days x 5 posts = 17k+

5 themes…

Mind • Body • Spirit • Money • HQ

Simple (yet elusive) recipe for balance.

With 17,000+ blog posts on the Internet, you know i’ve never tried to get any of you to read them – and if you are a prson who sees this one, here’s to hoping something positive stays with you.

Today is not an exception.

Not trying to get you to read.

Just thinking about serendipity…

Happy New Day.

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Regret can only be overcome with action now

Brad Ramsey WPS Art Teacher
Photo: Windermere Preparatory School.


Brad Ramsey (pictured above), Art Teacher, Father of our 10th-grade Son’s classmate, and Assistant FB coach died unexpectedly over the weekend (Oct 8-9, 2016).

There are plenty of people praying for the Family, Faculty and students, so this isn’t to ask for that.

(optional, and not meant to imply anything, you decide what you need…)

Rather, pray for yourself.

Just pray for you.


Pause for a moment in your busy life and pray for you.

Pray for that.

For you.

(i do it all day, every day)


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