Hello, welcome, and if you’re new or it’s been awhile… a couple things

True or false?

  • work life balance role models don’t exist
  • balance is impossible
  • someday never comes
  • stressed to the max

All false.

A parenting challenge accidentally led to discovering the secret ingredients necessary to achieve work life balance, which ultimately frees us to not waste another day in chasing our wildest dreams.

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If you got here from the home page (2013 weekly update 2)

Way to take the chance, and welcome. The goals are simple – to help everyone:

  • think deeper
  • smile more
  • feel grateful

And basically to ask questions people don’t often ask us, like:

“What is it that we could do today to change the trajectory of our life?

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Have fun.

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Updates just for you, the delightfully crazy folks who stop by

This week’s big picture at Mid Life Celebration’s five daily blogs:

  • GoDaddy lied. Yes, the annual website hits are 1.3 million.
  • But the stats are not all people, many are bots.
  • Google Analytics (GA) reports much smaller numbers.
  • Within GA numbers are two cool numbers.
  • Bounce rate almost zero
  • Returning visitors 80%

As we approach Thanksgiving, may your mind, body, spirit, money, and hq all be working in better harmony than they have in years. Peace and blessings immeasurable to you and those you love.

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