One key to getting what you want at a rock concert

There’s a certain attitude rock stars must bring to their craft, their artistry. Midlife celebration and rock concerts are quite similar, but only if a person can pause quietly enough to peer at it from a different angle.

In 1971 Rod Stewart, a rock star, released the album “Every Picture tells A Story“. The same is true in these three photos:

jeremy camp concert
before the concert, I explored to see how close I could venture to the stage...
jeremy camp concert
so I decided to get closer...
jeremy camp concert
...and closer

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Two things that make a rock concert great

jeremy camp concert
jeremy camp concert Feb. 10, 2012

Two things that make a rock concert great:

  1. Getting access to the stage
  2. Knowing the playlist

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PS. Jeremy Camp’s performance was very emotional, and may influence my direction. I often wonder if others are clear on their direction.