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Will Boomers become the greatest generation ever?

Nile Kinnick, Jr statue at University of Iowa
Nile was a member of ‘The Greatest Generation Ever’


marble statue tribute to the greatest generation
Who doesn’t desire to simply be a good and decent person?


Boomers have the opportunity to become something along the lines of ‘the greatest generation ever’.

Can’t wait to turn 55 next Sunday. Every gray hair, every wrinkle – earned by being fully alive.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live like you mean it.

Be well and remain amazed.

Do something great!

Before you die.


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Bonus pic:


Nile Kinnick, Jr statue at University of Iowa
Nile never got to reach his full potential. Boomers may suffer the same fate.


Second bonus pic:


Nile Kinnick, Jr statue at University of Iowa
Words to live by. Or not.


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Things I Learned Yesterday

Are we pathological thinkers?

Love bloggers sign
What’s our first thought when we see a sign like this?


Are we pathological thinkers?

Do we have this notion that the well being of others is linked to our personal well being?

While we obviously can’t live someone else’s life, we can be keenly aware of our ability to see the future in a way most others could also see, if only they looked a little more closely, a little more often.

But they either don’t look, or if they do look, it’s a relative, and fleeting glimpse, nothing more.

What is our obligation?

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