Mid Life Celebration is full of these

Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock yesterday.


Exclamation Point at Chimney Rock is not where i thought this post would be written.

Surprise, surprise.

Mid Life Celebration is like that isn’t it? Full of good things we don’t see coming.

The caveat is this:

We see what we want to see.

We control our attitude about whether our day is filled with beauty or whether it is filled with struggle.

PS. We all struggle. So why not struggle in beauty?

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What do we notice?

Disney keynote Speaker


Disney keynote Speaker


Disney keynote Speaker


Attending Lee Cockerell’s Leadership Keynote two days ago, it was the first time stepping into the Renaissance Hotel at Sea World Orlando. Have driven by it 100’s of times. It’s big, spacious, and beautiful. Yet the carpet spoke in a way most would never (ever) consider.

What do we notice on a moment to moment basis?

Is it even worth the effort?

Do any of the small, seemingly insignificant things that are happening constantly around us have any significance?

When we aren’t thinking about death, we are almost guaranteed to not be thinking about life.

Moments become less precious when we think we will never run out.

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