Life’s nuances are always in front of us

Orlando weather forecast
First time since April we’ve seen a temperature start with a six. The current temp is 64 (very top, center of photo). Tonight we may break 60 (left).


Life’s nuances are always in front of us.

For decades i didn’t pay attention because i had so many things to distract, entertain, and medicate me.

Then i became a dad in 2000.

Everything began to slowy refocus.

And because of my new role (in 1999) as a Disney Institute Speaker, i began learning (and teaching) about intentionality.

i began paying more attention to life.

Normally, we see 69 or 68 in late September or early October.

This year (2017) our temperature didn’t drop below 70 until last night (Oct 25), and it went well below.

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Just Another Day

Celebrate Fall
Celebrate Fall

Today is just another day on the calendar – September 22, 2010. It is also the first day of Fall. So what? Exactly the point. We go through our lives, and day by day, we find distractions that hide life’s simple pleasures.

We have come to know the true meaning of life when we learn to enjoy the passing of time. Noticing this seasonal change is more challenging in Central Florida. Leaves won’t start to change for 2-3 more months.

So I’ve been teaching our son (10) that we celebrate Fall’s arrival the first day the temperature starts with a six. We haven’t seen 69 degrees since April. There is definitely a difference.

It will be here soon. Will anyone notice?

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