You can’t or you won’t?

29-second video: Under 30-seconds, yet still longer than the goal. The good news, i continue to try even though ‘failure’ is a constant result.
Cinderella Castle and parade floats
Yesterday was a great day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Can’t and won’t are not the same thing.

i’ve learned saying i can’t is driven by a shortage of something — a shortage of desire, commitment, discomfort, etc.

Have also learned saying i won’t is rarely said because no one wants to sound unmotivated, uncommitted, lazy.

In reality, we can think positively all the time.

It’s not that we can’t think positively all the time, it’s that we won’t think positively all the time.

The reasons for substituting i can’t in place of the honest answer i won’t, are a mile long. Everyone has their perfect mental narrative for not desiring it, not committing to it, and not managing the uncomfortable inconveniences.

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