What’s your go-to note taking method?

Graph showing vision and commitment
Dreamt this graph in my head and wanted to capture the idea.

What’s your go-to note taking method?

Post-it notes is mine.

Like anything during seasonal stress (end of year holidays/deadlines), it can become overwhelming if structure and process isn’t optimized and continuously improved.

When notes have an unusal surge, i photograph them and put them in photo folders.

This is with the assumption that these are the notes that don’t require immediate or imminent action.

Notes on the graph:

  • bottom left: low vision, low commitment = avoid
  • bottom right: low vision, high commitment = bull in china shop
  • top left: high vision, low commitment = sporadic starts & stops
  • top right: high vision, high commitment = intentional efforts

•  •  •  •  •

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