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Idea captured while on a long bicycle ride yesterday.


This is due today, May 21, 2016. Note below is captured here for posterity. It’s from an amazing project manager, Disney marketing expert, Executive Chef, former Disney colleague, and personal friend. (My answers are further into today’s posts)

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Define the Advisor Program in 2 sentences or less that tell me exactly what the program is, and the top 3 beneficial outcomes I would receive as a customer. (do not include things like “working with an advisor with 30-years experience” as a benefit)

Define who you are in one phrase, like if you were introducing yourself to someone new, either in first person or third person: I’m Jeff Noel, a _______________ (job title), who works with _____________ (type of client) to help them achieve __________________(benefit)

We’ll turn the above info into something like this: Jeff Noel, a 30-year Disney Leadership veteran, is a published author and highly-sought business transformational advisor, helping Fortune-500 companies achieve success through Disney’s tried and true business approach methods.

Jeff took his 30 years as a leader at Disney, and created a better Mouse Trap…

Name the top 5 direct beneficial outcomes (transformations) a company can expect when working with you. Do not list anything that has to do with you or your experience/expertise – list only beneficial outcomes for the company working with you.




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