Mental envy

Massage Envy form
Massage Envy consent form. Yesterday’s massage is a new start. Need to use up 26 credits (26 months of a $60 monthly fee). Plus resume monthly charges which i begged to be suspended until it felt safe to return.

Wake up early. Morning routine. Pray, read, write, think, meditate for the first two hours. Then begin whatever movement activity is due – walk, bike, jog, or a combo for the three. Then go on about the day.



Since April Fools Day.


Massage Envy was the only local (within 7 miles) game in town when the Podiatrist recommended massage.

It was great, until the best Massage Therapist left.

i stopped going.

Anyway, yesterday’s first massage in 20 months motivated today’s five post titles – a play off of Massage Envy, mental envy, physical envy, etc.

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