Perhaps this is why bad things happen to good people

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We all experience both calm and stormy seas. No one is immune.


Attitude and spirit are interconnected. We know this. Our physical health is directly proportional to our self-worth, and our obligation to set an example, not be a warning. Feel compelled to share this comment from three moths ago…

A comment from Bob Stewart July 23…

You are right, though. People assume that those with the best attitudes are the ones where their lives are “in order” without a problem against them. Instead, those are the ones who handle the same problems others have differently. The focus isn’t on the problems, but on the outcomes.

I am reminded of a pastor when I was little that spoke at our church. This elderly minister who had seen a lot in his lifetime, stated (paraphrasing), “In response to why bad things happen to good people, I believe God allows circumstances to occur to both the believer and the non-believer so the world can see the difference in their responses to the circumstances.”

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